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Our vision, at HSRHS Community, is that all young people should have access to an outstanding range of extra-curricular sport and physical activity opportunities both at school and within their local community, as well as high-quality PE lessons.

We work closely within each school we coach to ensure that every child has access to all the extra-curricular clubs that we provide.

We also have a flexible approach to payment (there is no problem if we charge the school or the children directly) and we have high-quality coaching coupled with reliability that makes HSRH Community the perfect choice for extra-curricular activities!

In addition to our extra-curricular commitments within a number of School Sport Partnerships, we are able to offer availability for individual school bookings.

We provide three different types of extra-curricular clubs within each school we coach. They are as follows:

  • breakfast clubs – these are 45 minutes to one hour before the start of school and we use these clubs to engage the children in physical activity to help energise and prepare them both mentally and physically for the day ahead.
  • lunchtime clubs – again, 45 minutes to one hour during lunchtime periods.  We engage the children in physical activity and also coach the school’s sports teams.
  • after-school clubs – these can be anything from one hour up to two and a half hours in duration, either as school team sessions or general basketball skill sessions.

Interested in having basketball sessions delivered at your school and becoming a partner of the school community program?  If so, for more information do please contact us at:

Email: nicholewalker@stormbasketball.net

Mobile No: 07881 904861

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