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The Russell Hoops Skills Academy is for players ages 7-14 years, at two locations in Chauncy School in Ware, and St Mary’s School in Cheshunt.

Session’s at Chauncy School are held on Friday’s for the following groups:

Mini Basket – 5.15-6.15pm for primary school players Year Groups 3,4,5 & 6

Junior Session 6.15 – 7.15pm for secondary school players Year Groups 7-10

Session’s at St Mary’s School are held on Thursday’s for the following groups:

Mini Basket –  5-6 pm for all primary school players Year Groups 3,4,5 & 6.

These FUN skills sessions target fundamentals and individual skill development, within a challenging and positive learning environment. Our highly experienced and fantastic coaching staff will put you through your paces to improve your skills with a variety of drills, competitions and match play.

At the Academy our Coaches work under a strict criteria to improve each individual which will help them to progress and show a clear indication of what level the players are working towards. This Development structure is for both boys and girls aged 7-16 years and can be seen here: RH Skill Criteria

For more information please contact Graham Hiscock, on 07791 011043 or email us at:

Russell Hoops has the following policies and procedures in case to ensure a safe and high quality coaching programme. Please see our policies and procedures page for more information.

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