U16 Girls Madrid Tour | Day 1

So after a smooth experience, checking in and a slight delay in London, we were on our way to Madrid. As the first girls group touring from Russell Hoops, consisting of thirteen, ten players and three coaches, it feels special to embark on a tour that will likely lay the foundation for many trips to come. I think the girls might have cleared the plane of hot chocolates.



After a bit of a bumpy landing in Madrid, we headed to the hotel, dropped our stuff before walking across to the restaurant for dinner. Evidently a GCSE in Spanish doesn’t get you enough to be able to request for meat to be well done, but a quick and trusty Google translate got the job done. But we weren’t quite in the clear yet. A a few of the girls ordered ham burgers and much to their surprise this consisted of ham (yes a slice of ham) in a burger. Ben heads back to our waitress to try to explain that the burger in the photo is not to the burger they received. The waitress says “bad photo”. We chalked it up as a cultural learning experience and a note to self “ham burger”, really does mean a slice of ham in a burger. But a few moments later and the chef must’ve realised that he still had the burgers on the grill, because out they come with burgers in them. HORRAYY burgers with burgers after all.


Food aside we spoke out about our individual ambitions for the trip, which mostly centred around, learning, improving and experiencing a new cultural environment. Personally I am very grateful to be on this trip with such pleasant and personable young women. I am exciting to teach them as much as I can and hopefully learn some things along the way myself!

Buenos Noches!