Girls Tour | Day 4

Wins, water fights and relays

After a relatively strenuous rest day exploring, it was back to business today for the girls. Louise forgot her shoes in the morning session, she is still anxiously awaiting her punishment, (if you didn’t know before, now you do, Louise). But having said that she did a fantastic job in the game today, so perhaps I may reassess.

Anyway, first up team practise this morning where we pulled out some specific pointers from our game on Tuesday night. The girls really seemed to understand what was being asked of them and were eager to put it in to practise. We spoke collectively and individually about our key areas for improvement from the game and we walked away from practise having got better collectively. Note to self, it was hotter in the gym today than yesterday, probably closer to 38 degrees. But again the girls showed real resilience, they were hungry to get better to be able to bounce back from Tuesdays defeat.

Next up we had another professional player, Cristina to run the clinic. For a solid few minutes (while I was introducing her), the girls did think that I was talking in third person about myself. Perhaps I should’ve specified.. but then again I thought the clue was in my description, but perhaps they listen to me less than i thought. As well as playing, Cristina also coaches locally, so it was a great opportunity for the girls to learn. Cristina took the girls for a Q&A session where they were very enthusiastic, they had asked so many questions that by the end that Cristina was genuinely concerned they may steal her identity.

The girls took a lot onboard in the clinic and there was a great sense of positivity in the air as we headed to the pool for lunch.


Some of the girls are yet to acclimatise to the fact that meals almost always come in two courses here and still act surprised when the second dish comes out. Tamara, be-headed a fish, sorry RSPCA, but this one was dead and Divina commented that the eye balls are actually really nice, just one of many strange comments throughout the day… Some of the girls played musical chairs as they were joined by a few wasps, cough cough HANNAH. After some lovely Paella, that was enjoyed by all, we headed towards the pool. It didn’t take too long for the competitions to commence. Synchronised diving seems to be out, but relay races are right back in. A few wardrobe malfunctions on dives, allowed Ben to get ahead in the coaches versus players relay. Which… I think means someone is due to buy me an ice-cream but I can follow up on that later.

After a reasonable recovery session in the pool, we headed back to the hotel for a short rest before this afternoons game. Today we were playing a team from the local Tres Cantos club. The girls were very excited to implement what we had worked on in practise and you could see that right from the tip. We took the lead early and never really looked back. We played with much more intensity, energy and the desire to compete. Nothing was a surprise to us anymore, we fought hard and played with a greater level of confidence. Each and everyone of the girls had their moment to shine, whether it was Maisie’s floater off her baseline penetration, Katelyns’ sharp shooting, Louises’ dominance inside, Divinas’ defensive efforts, Cassie with the blocks and hustle… and I could go on. But I am mostly trying to highlight that I know everyones names now! 😉


The girls felt proud of themselves after the game today and were great sportswomen, talking to the opposition and socialising. Except Katelyn, she doesn’t like people, or breakfast apparently. A great win after a great day of getting better.

Off to ham no burger for dinner now, do I order the burger and chance just getting the ham?

*UPDATE* this is Ben’s favourite restaurant, yet the restaurant doesn’t seem to return the favour. Ben likes to have all butter and no oil with his roll to start… Except he didn’t receive his butter until course two. But let’s backtrack… Ham no burger wasn’t on the menu tonight, so after being told that “no the Spanish traditional soup couldn’t be served warm instead of cold” he opted for a vegetable dish to start, except they only had two and they had already been ordered, alas he settled with the Cod stuffed peppers. Except ben doesn’t eat fish. Next came the mains, which when everyone else got theirs had a suitable amount of chips. Not for Ben, it was all chicken no chips. I know what you are thinking, surely we must have more luck with dessert? Ben wanted Vanilla ice-cream (bland I know) but wait.. there was only two and the girls ordered them already. He settled with Pineapple after taking quite a fancy to it when he saw Maisie’s. Can it get worse for Ben, yes it can… Ben receives the end of the pineapple, you know the bit with the skin still partially a part of the slice..

Stay tuned, Ben’s dining struggles will check back in tomorrow.

Mas manana,