Girls Tour – Final day!

Hustle, heart and pride

Last day of the tour and you can see it at breakfast this morning. A slightly earlier start, everyone has their boots this time. We were a little more adaptive with practice, to accommodate the tiredness. But we were still able to work on a few specifics ahead of tonight’s game.

Next up was a coaching clinic this time by a reknowned coach from an ACB coach at Fuenlabrada.

He took the girls through some different finishing options and dribble moves offensively. The girls struggled initially but they seemed to pick up most of the moves by the end of the clinic. With a lot more repetition you may see some European inspired finishes on the court this year, watch this space. But note, Cassie was ahead of the game with her notorious, “go-to” one step finish.


Next up we headed to the pool, the much anticipated section of the day for all! A great cool down and recovery session for the girls, some lunch and we were back to the hotel for a longer rest than usual.

In tonight’s came we played Tres Cantos again, except they brought some more talented girls than the previous day. They didn’t fancy another defeat! The girls came out setting the tempo early and despite struggling to score initially we kept up the pace. We began to move the ball around a little more than the two games previously and we had some really great defensive contributions from, Katelyn, Charlotte and Davina, to name a few.

Louise did an excellent job dominating inside and it was nice to see her making some more aggressive moves inside. Despite their evident tiredness, the girls fought back from a 17 point deficit to bring the game to 6 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. With some great team defensive possessions we held this gap, which gave us a fighting chance to hold on and steal the game. The enthusiasm and support from the whole team made for an exciting finish! A couple quick tactical timeouts at the end to talk game strategy weren’t enough to combat Tres Cantos’ sharp three point shooting and we wound up loosing by 6.


Despite the close defeat, I couldn’t have been more proud of the attitude and resilience of the girls today. They showed a real desire to fight, to tackle the challenge that tiredness and fatigue brings. They’ve set a benchmark now for themselves and their season. I’m excited to follow their progress and I thank you all for allowing me to have a small impact on their basketball endeavors!

Ps. Katelyn “no breakfast” Martin, thanks for the leg workout today as we travelled through the airport!

Now for a much needed siesta on the plane!
Until next time (I hope),