Boys Madrid Tour | Game 2 Reports

U14 Game 2 Vs Tres Cantos 2004′

After a comfortable win in our first game, the boys hit a real test in today’s matchup, with the opposition being bigger, stronger and smarter than the team we played yesterday. We’ve hit the middle point of the trip and the boys are starting to get fatigued and more tired, meaning they have to bring more and more energy and effort each day.

The first half of the game was challenging because it took a while to get going, and you could really see that the past couple days had started to take its toll on the players. We struggled to score the ball which Tres Cantos didn’t and this lead to them having a 20pt lead at halftime.

In the second half I set the boys a goal, which was to win the 3rd and 4th quarters and really try to improve regardless of the result. They did a much better job in the second half, showing character and desire to not give up. The final result was 66-24 to Tres Cantos.

Here are a few quotes from the boys:
“They were more physical than us” – Keanu Ray-Nearchou

“It was good to see us not give up even though we were losing” – Panayiotis Georgiou

“Don’t eat pizza an hour before a game” – Max Jegorovs

We have one more game Friday to really put together everything and finish on a Win!

Scorers: Alastair McGregor (10pts), Kimani Jack (8pts), Panayiotis Georgiou (3pts)

U14E Vs Tres Cantos 
A loss but a lesson learned.

Today we knew it would be a tough match as the players were certainly fatigued from the day before, plus a full day of training and coaching clinics. This was apparent as in the first few minutes as Tres Cantos led 10-0 in the early stages. After a timeout we managed to get back some composure and before we knew it we were on the score board chasing them. The opponents were extremely good in transition and saw that we would struggle with the fast pace that they set. Because of this we made a lot of substitutions throughout the game. This was the general theme throughout the game and we realised how important this to be mentally and physically ready for every game and that we have to keep together as a team for the entire 40 minutes. Final score 44-88.

U15 Vs Tres Cantos 

After yesterday’s tough loss the boys worked hard in training on their transition defence and movement on offence . This hard work certainly paid off this evening when we faced an older , stronger Tres Cantos side . The boys came to play hard and won the first quarter 16-10 with an outstanding performance from guard Tom Lupton sinking 3 three pointers and some fantastic drives to hit 13 of the 16 points . The boys worked brilliantly as a team and their defence was phenomenal with Alex Omole matching up with the much bigger Tres Cantos players . Sadly after hitting another 3 pointer early in the second quarter Tom injured his knee and had to retire from the game . Undeterred the boys battled on and fought hard on both defence and offence playing well as a unit . Final score 31-61 but a fantastic turnaround and the boys should be very proud of themselves .

U16 Vs Tres Cantos

Game two of the tour saw the u16 boys Russell Hoops team take on Tres Cantos ’99 at La Luz.

It was going to be a tough matchup for the boys but after a morning practice and a great clinic the team had some real confidence and fire behind them. A big first half from the home team meant RH went down by 22, but were not lacking in spirit!

After a half time talk and decision to commit to every possession the boys battled for the last 20 minutes. Abdul Wurie pulled in a huge 19 rebounds during the game and put the home team under some real stress. Coach Beddow said, “our growth today was exceptional. After losing the first half by 22 today, we made some adjustments and refocused. The guards started to pressure the ball and the bigs chased every rebound. In the second half the gap was only 3 points, its just great evidence to what focus and effort can achieve.”

Jay Chitolie finished with 10 points, Matthew Offeh with 8 and Abdul Wurie led with 14.

The u16 squad are looking forward to their final game on Friday!