Hall of Fame

The goal, for many of our athletes, is to work at their basketball taking it to the highest level achievable and through our guidance, help and support, we have been able to move players on to elite programs throughout the UK and Europe.

To recognize the outstanding achievement amongst these players, we have a “Hall of Fame” selection highlighting how these players have progressed and where they have transferred to.

To be selected for the “Hall of Fame”, players have been selected on the following criteria:

  • honor the gamethey honor:
    • their teammates,
    • their coaches,
    • their parents,
    • the officials,
    • their opponents; and
    • mostly, themselves.

They know there is no “I” in a team and respect all those who came before them to make the game what it is today.

  • expect success for themselves and their teammatesthese positive athletes recognize the tremendous investment they and their teammates have made into the game and as a result expect success come game day.

They have a contagious, consistent “CAN DO!” attitude on their team, manifestly compelling everyone in the team to excel.

  • students of the gamewith each game and each practice they observe what their teammates and their opponents are doing.  They are always looking for ways to improve their game. They master the little things and constantly look for ways to gain the edge – like, for instance, finding a defensive weakness and exploiting it.
  • have a plan of actionthese athletes have clearly defined goals and purpose for playing the game.  They prepare themselves mentally, visioning their success in advance.  After any game or practice, they reflect on their performance positively and look for things they can work on to get better.  They are always sticking to their plan of action.
  • commitmentdoing everything required to excel:

Commitment is about becoming the best you can be and persisting through the lowest points of adversity, learning through every setback and finding joy in the pursuit to greatness every day.”

Congratulations to those chosen in our “Hall of Fame”!  You absolutely deserve recognition for all of your hard work, commitment and dedication to the sport.  We wish you all the best of luck for the future!

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