Off court 

  • ALL Fixtures must be reported by the HOME team, and sent to Ben Russell via email ( within 48 hours of the fixture being played. Failure to do this will result in a 20-0 win for the opposition.
  • If you are unable to fulfil a fixture, then you are responsible for rearranging with the other school, or you forfeit the game. Email details of rearranged games/forfeits to Ben Russell.  If you don’t give the opposition 24 hours notice, they are entitled to a 20-0 win.
  • ALL rearranged games must be played by the last day of the year groups Basketball term. I.E If Year 9/10 are playing Nov-Dec,  Friday 18th December 2015 would be the deadline.
  • The host team must provide table officials and a referee. We always encourage schools to get students involved in this, but please ensure their is a member of staff assisting. Visiting teams should also provide one referee.

On court

  • 4 x 10 minute Quarters (running clock except last two minutes of 4th Quarter)
  • In the event of over time, a two minute extra period will be played. If it is still tied, you will continue to play in periods of two minutes until there is a winner.
  • 5 Personal fouls per player. If a player receives five fouls, they will be out for the remainder of the game.
  • 5 Team fouls per quarter
  • 1 Time out per team per quarter. (Clock Stops)

For any further information or if you have any questions regarding the LVSSA League, please email Ben Russell at: